Lunch Time Listen 4.12.14

“You told me not to cry when you were gone, but the feelings overwhelming … it’s much too strong.” This song gives me tingles. His voice is just way too amazing. I have posted Sam Smith before, but not for a lunch time listen. I figure there is nothing better to sip your latte┬áin a […]

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Conflict and Shit

Disclaimer: This will probably be the most negative post you ever read from me. I hate conflict. So much. I actually would probably apologize for someone else’s wrongdoing in order to avoid it. That being said college has made me realize that I can’t always get walked on because I’m scared to tell someone I’m […]

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Late Night Listen

Life this week has been insane to say the least.┬áInsane. And unfortunately for you all, when I don’t have time to eat lunch, you don’t get a lunch time listen. I couldn’t leave you completely deprived though, mainly because I think it’s very important for the world to hear this song if they haven’t already. […]

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