Lunch Time Listen 5.10.14

One of my many part-time jobs is being the assistant to a wonderful wedding planner. We just worked a wedding today that looked as though it was snapshots of someone’s Pinterest board. Just beautiful with the cutest ideas I’ve ever seen!

Just take a look at the picture above to see what I mean! 

Whenever I work a wedding it’s so hard not to get teary-eyed and just want to hug everyone in sight. It’s a beautiful thing when two people share the love they have together with their friends and family, and unite as their own little family.

Maybe I’m sappy, but oh well!

Whenever I attend one of these events however, when I’m sweating like a dog in the back of the church because I chased the flower girl back inside and out of the bushes where she was chasing moths, or finding a better place for the mother of groom to put her coat, I can’t help but have this classic number stuck in my head. I think it’s the perfect marriage song. A song about finding the right one, finally, and holding onto them.

So today we’re kicking it old school with the wonderfully talented and powerful, Etta James.

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