Life is a Verb

Someone told me today that I should think of life as a verb. That I seem to plan too much, and because of that, I’m so caught up in the big picture I get swallowed up by the every day. I sat and thought about that for a while, and realized that it just may be one of the best pieces of advice I’ve ever received.

“Life is a verb,” they said, “you just have to do it.”

I don’t think I’ve lived my life day to day with no plans from the time I was five years-old (okay, I’m probably exaggerating), but anyone that knows me will say I’m not that far off.

I thought I would pass this piece of advice along with one of my favorite songs lately. Most of you (assuming I’ve developed a semi-loyal reader circle by now), have probably heard of Witty, the rapper I first posted an article on back in May when I was obsessed with his music.

Witty’s latest track is about change. It’s about leaving, and fear, and going into the unknown, but there is a quiet confidence to each verse that I think is both inspiring and contagious.

I hope you all enjoy this track, and are ready to start getting your lunch time/ late night listens back, because honestly… it’s been way too long since I’ve shared my musical addictions with all of you.

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