The Evolution of Witt Lowry

wit·ty ˈwitē/ adjective showing or characterized by quick and inventive verbal humor. “a witty remark” When he first started his musical career, Witty went through the dictionary and found a word that described his humor, his… for lack of a better word, wittiness. With his progressive change in his music and the meaning behind it, Witty […]

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Emma Ruth Rundle

Emma Ruth Rundle is an L.A. based singer-songwriter who’s latest solo album, Some Heavy Ocean, showcases her passion for music and her intent to touch the souls of  the listener. “It’s not entirely true that, Some Heavy Ocean, is my first solo album,” Emma responded when I asked how the process had been. “I put out a full length record […]

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Lunch Time Listen 8.18.14

There are few songs in today’s market that are what you call cross-over songs. Songs that can be played on Country, Alternative, Pop, and RnB stations all at once. Ella Henderson has become a cross-over artist with her new single “Ghost” that has been taking the Sirius radio channels by storm. Gabriella Michelle “Ella” Henderson, is […]

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Just Because…

Sometimes I share music when I’m in the mood, and sometimes there’s a whole reason behind the song, but tonight there’s no speech. No reasons why you should listen, or lyrical analysis. This is just a song that speaks to me, and that I hope will speak to you if you haven’t heard it yet. […]

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Lunch Time Listen 8.12.14

“I Can’t Wait (Be My Wife)” by Ben Rue is a country-filled breath of fresh air. I heard it this morning on my way to work, and be the sappy hopeless romantic that I am, immediately started crying with the first chorus. There are so many songs out there today about meeting the love of […]

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