Late Lunch Listen 9.23.14

It’s rare that a song in today’s industry has the ability to bring a listener to tears. The chills you feel when Jhene Aiko starts out her first verse of “Promises” off of her new album, “Souled Out,” you get chills. The first verse speaks to her daughter; the second to her brother who passed […]

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U2 Apologizes for Giving Away Their Latest Album

In a world where most people get their music for free somehow, U2 released an apology to iTunes users for releasing their album for free. U2’s thirteenth studio album, Songs of Innocence, was released for free over iTunes in regards to an alliance the Irish rock band made with Apple. With this unorthodox release, the album reached approximately 500-million people, while apparently only […]

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Late Lunch Listen 9.6.14

While doing some industry research I came across a label known as Spinnin’ Records located in Brazil. When I entered their website the song that started playing on the home page was awe-striking. I am more of a fan of songs because of their lyrics than the beat behind the meaning. I’ll just put it out […]

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