How About Now?

I’ve always been a huge Drake fan ever since “Take Care” was released. That is probably one of my favorite albums ever. The thing that I like most about Drake is his ability to be real. His lyrics aren’t meant to make people feel good, they’re meant to tell a story. He’s one of those […]

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Late Lunch Listen 10.15.14

“I know, cause I’ve spent half this morning, thinking about the tee shirt you sleep in.” Birdy is a musical genius. You can agree, disagree, or feel impartial, but her ability to tell a story in a song is incomparable to so many artist of our generation. Thanks to one of my favorite 8tracks playlists […]

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Stevie Nicks: ’24 Karat Gold – Songs from the Vault’ Album Review

24 Karat Gold – Songs From the Vault is Stevie Nicks’ latest album, and it is exactly what the title suggests. This album is a compilation of Nicks’ unreleased songs dating back as far as 1969, and includes a special edition book of her vintage “selfies,” that have been displayed in the Morrison Hotel Gallery in New York City. On […]

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