Because I Missed Singing…

Singing has always been a huge part of my life. A part that helped me vent and say the things I could never quite put into words without music behind them. Two years ago I had surgery on my vocal chords, removing nodules that I developed from not speaking correctly (go figure)! I still loved singing, and did every single day, but there was something about recording full, solo songs that intimidated me after that. I knew that my voice was the same, but I could hear subtle changes that made me question if I could stay with my RnB roots that took hold of my voice from a very young age. Realizing more and more that I loved acoustic music, I began to notice that covers like the one I’m sharing in this post are the best way for me to showcase the RnB stylization I love in a more contemporary light.

That being said – I hope this song can take you somewhere else, or at least make you believe that where you are isn’t so bad. Rita Ora’s version is definitely very different, but I feel that this unplugged cover lends itself in supporting the meaning behind the lyrics and the essence of what they represent.

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