Run an Ad

With a domain hosted through WordPress, this site will sometimes have ads run by WordPress to continue keeping their sites great and free. For more on the ad policy of WordPress and what Livewell’s Latest is directly responsible for, please view the privacy policy of this site.

That being said, Livewell’s Latest is offering independent ad space for businesses that either a). fit the brand of this site, b). host an event(s) or interview(s) featured on this site, or c). are a business whose product has been reviewed or is going to be reviewed on this site. The above criteria will be evaluated by the owner of Livewell’s Latest for each specific ad criteria.

Ads run at 425 x 425 pixels and pricing includes a custom designed ad, collaborated in style by the business and Livewell’s Latest.


If you are interested in learning more about running an ad on the site or having a consultation please email for more information.