mood beaters: stressed

It’s been a long time since I’ve shared a lunchtime listen… too long. Actually this was a request I got to bring it back in a different way. I won’t share one every day, maybe not every week, but with this mood beaters series – I will share one for every mood. First up… We’ve all been […]

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Ariel Petrie is a “Queen”

You may recognize, Ariel from our Across the Table, but today is all about her music video release for “Queen.”  The video features various women who reveal different words written on their hands; “Brave” “Fierce” “Kind” All revealing to the viewer, exactly what kind of “Queen” they are. Ariel’s goal for the video, you ask? “My goal is to […]

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Late Lunch Listen 3.28.15

The second semester of graduate school is the worst by far. Maybe it’s not like that for everyone – but for me it’s torture. Constant work (I guess I should’ve expected that), constant grades, constant headaches. Just some of the things running through my mind as I trap myself on the quiet floor of the […]

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Lunch Time Listen 2.17.15

A very good friend gave me this idea last week and I thought it was the most brilliant thing I’ve ever heard. The idea is to make Spotify playlists that revolve around random events, holidays, etc., of my favorite songs and artists (which will hopefully become some of your favorite songs and artists). Some of them […]

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Late Night Listen 1.7.15

Good night, or morning depending on if you’re a glass full/ empty type person. I interrupt your scrolling impulse with a brief piece about none other than Kanye West. I’m sure whether you’re a fan of his music or not, you can support the idea that Kanye is a true pioneer of the music industry. […]

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