Give Well: Musicians on Call

You’ve probably heard it before: music heals. But it’s one thing to know the power of music exists and it’s another to see it in action. Musicians on Call has been the force behind the healing power of music across America since 1999. During that time, they’ve set up in-room performances for over half a million individuals […]

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Medicine Man: The Empire

No matter what your stance on the legalization of marijuana, it’s pretty hard to make a case against the conglomerate it’s become and how vastly it’s growing. Medicine Man, located just outside of Denver, Colorado, is an empire all on its own and we were lucky enough to receive a private tour a couple of weeks […]

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We Escaped!

All roads lead to Nashville. At least, that’s what it feels like recently with the influx of *“transplants” and tourism at an all-time-high. Whether Nashville is your new home, or you’re just visiting for a family vacation or bachelorette party, your time here won’t be complete without taking on The Escape Game at either the downtown […]

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Brew at the Zoo: Event Review

While the title of this post sounds a bit like the start to a Dr.Seuss book, this zoo-based event was geared toward the 21 & up crowd. Welcoming “all species of beer lovers” the zoo was packed with over 100 craft breweries, food trucks to satisfy any craving and of course, so many animals. Being in the zoo […]

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“I Got a Bone to Pick”

Let’s say we’re creating a budget. We have different categories like entertainment, transportation, food and bills. I vaguely remember a time when concerts were in the category of “entertainment.” They were right up there with a nice dinner, a movie or bowling. You set aside a little bit of money each week until you saved […]

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America’s Top 100

They say music is subjective and that, as a form of art, individuals interpret the songs they hear based on their own knowledge and preferences. If that is the case, than how can the “top 100’s” that exist today truly depict the most popular songs, artists and albums of our era? The tracking and data […]

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