“I Got a Bone to Pick”

Let’s say we’re creating a budget. We have different categories like entertainment, transportation, food and bills. I vaguely remember a time when concerts were in the category of “entertainment.” They were right up there with a nice dinner, a movie or bowling. You set aside a little bit of money each week until you saved […]

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America’s Top 100

They say music is subjective and that, as a form of art, individuals interpret the songs they hear based on their own knowledge and preferences. If that is the case, than how can the “top 100’s” that exist today truly depict the most popular songs, artists and albums of our era? The tracking and data […]

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Proud Daughter Moment

My Dad is the single most inspiring person I know. From the time I was old enough to walk I remember him pursuing and following his dreams at all costs. His family never came second to the pursuit of happiness, but all of the responsibilities that come with being a husband and a father only seemed […]

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