full·ness ˈfo͝olnəs/ noun 1. the state of being filled to capacity. Thousands of things go viral on social media every day. Most are totally useless videos and memes, but some strike you and make you really think. I read a story (here) that talked about wishing someone “enough.” No more and no less than what […]

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What’s Your Language?

There is pure chaos laced throughout our country right now. Unfortunately, we’ve been in this position before due to narrow-minded people and the idea that some are greater than others. The concept is nothing new, but the one thing that’s always existed alongside hurt and confusion… is love. For every ignorant comment, there’s one full of […]

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Happy Birthday, Grandmom

My grandmom took pride in being a grandmother. She told everyone as if it was a total honor and would do just about anything to make sure her grandchildren were happy. She was my absolute best friend and I still talk to her sometimes and can almost hear the advice I know she’d be giving […]

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Why Change?

Lately I’ve heard the same phrase in a lot of different places and contexts and it made me think about what we’re really saying. “People change,” “make a change from within,” “if you want to change, only you can make it happen.” Too many times do we convince ourselves that it’s time for a change. […]

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The Movie I Imagine She Lived

When my grandmother passed away, we were going through her things like everyone is expected to do. I’ve lost a lot of family members and this is by far the hardest part. It’s like with everything you get rid of, you’re throwing away a piece of their memory; and with everything you keep, you’re making […]

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