Across the Table with Raviner

Usually sitting down with more than two band members is chaotic to say the least. It’s comparable to that saying of “too many cooks in the kitchen,” with lots of opinions and ideas that don’t necessarily coincide with one another’s. That being said, speaking with Raviner a few weeks back at Frothy on 8th was […]

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Across the Table with Kelly Fauth

Kelly Fauth has a refreshing energy that lights up any room she walks into. Known now for her songwriting and power vocals, she previously worked enhancing the sound of others; being hired as a background vocalist immediately after graduating from the L.A. Music Academy for Columbia Records artist, Coheed and Cambria. Miranda Lambert meets Grace […]

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Across the Table with Summertime

There’s a dilemma in the city of Nashville. Most know about it, but few know how to overcome it. The genre of Pop/Punk isn’t non-existent, it’s just hiding in the living rooms and venues of those dedicated enough to support it, like Summertime, a local trio with a unique sound. The above E.P. was actually written […]

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