Something Old, Something New

There are some parts of the wedding planning process that are unforgettable. It’s not picking the plates or silverware. It’s not the budget sheets. Don’t get me wrong, all of that is great (enneagram type two, here!) But it’s the special moments that you and your fiancĂ© share when you have the opportunity to create […]

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Try This! Tovi Sorga Boutique

Tovi & Agnes of Tovi Sorga Boutique are an incredible team with products as wonderful as their attitudes. Based out of the United Kingdom, they not only have their own website that features their exclusive, and frequently updated collections, but also an Etsy store that allows buyers from everywhere to easily browse through collections new […]

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Try This! Amy’s Leather Lane

Amy Yockel of Amy’s Leather Lane is a kind-hearted individual who puts every bit of her heart & soul in the accessories she handcrafts for her buyers. “Accessories for the free spirited woman with an inner cowgirl,” these products are beautifully elegant with a rustic twist and I feel honored to share them with all […]

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