Kailey Miller Discovers a New Dawn

Nashville, TN singer/songwriter, Kailey Miller took a moment last month to share a little piece of her world with the rest of us. Powerful vocals, underlined by river-like piano melodies make for an emotional journey. Miller’s latest EP,¬†Dawn is a¬†refreshing breath of fresh air in a saturated world of over-produced beats and synthetic vocals. The […]

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Across the Table with Erin Rae

There’s a truth to Erin Rae that makes her just as intriguing as her music. She’s been a Nashville native since she was eleven years old, living in almost every neighborhood the city has to offer. It was a bucket list wish of hers to play in-store at Grimey’s records, attached to Frothy Monkey on […]

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Third EP’s the Charm

I know that’s not how the saying goes, but for Kingsley Flood (KF), this couldn’t be more true. Naseem wrote to me last week and said, word for word, “This is the third of the year – a little ridiculous, I know.” I think he knew I would agree in the best way possible, but […]

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