On Cloud 9

9 is a good number. Being on cloud 9 is even better. I’ve seriously been that way since these products came into my life. Some from FabFitFun, some from Influenster and a lot from CVS (’cause I roll that way), but these are my staple products I can’t go without rolling into the heat of […]

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Check On Your Strong Friend

“Check on your strong friend.” I saw this today and it really struck a chord with me. So easily, especially in an age of living for “likes,” it’s easy to think that everyone is doing well. That smiles are real and laughs aren’t a mask for the cries someone had the night before. It’s easy […]

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National Sticky Bun Day

I’ve got this gift that I want to share with you all; any time a National Food Holiday is happening, I make said food a couple of days before without even knowing. I guess you could say food & I are just really in sync. In the spirit of National Sticky Bun Day, I wanted […]

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Food For Thought

Have you ever thought about how the U.S. monetary system is backed up? If you haven’t don’t feel bad – I’ve never thought about it until I had to take this Business & Society course for my M.B.A.. If I’m being honest, most of the time I zone out when something political is mentioned. I […]

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The Old & The New

Think about our generation verses generations of the past. People used to get married at 18, men shipped off to war, women were home having children and taking care of the house. Milk costs thirty cents, and houses were $12,000. Things were simple. They were refined, and while it was probably a  lot more work […]

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