Southern Style Nachos

Down South everything has pork in it. Even cupcakes are topped with bacon. So what’s better than real nachos, you ask? BBQ style nachos filled with pork (and a few other things to make you drool). We were running out of snacky (yes, I say snacky quite a bit) ideas to make during the first […]

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Happy (day after) Halloween

      So it turns out that Halloween has become a money guzzling holiday like all the rest – but I still love it. I describe Halloween as the “most wonderful time of the year” if that’s an correlation of my feelings toward the holiday. That being said, we were getting last minute candy yesterday […]

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Tennessee Biscuits & Jam

No one ever told me just how difficult it is to make jam from scratch. I guess that’s because I never asked. But let me forewarn you that this is one of the most difficult recipes I’ve ever made. The biscuits were a cinch! But without canning equipment or a stock pot, the process you […]

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