Across the Table with Kelly Fauth

Kelly Fauth has a refreshing energy that lights up any room she walks into. Known now for her songwriting and power vocals, she previously worked enhancing the sound of others; being hired as a background vocalist immediately after graduating from the L.A. Music Academy for Columbia Records artist, Coheed and Cambria. Miranda Lambert meets Grace […]

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Across the Table with Summertime

There’s a dilemma in the city of Nashville. Most know about it, but few know how to overcome it. The genre of Pop/Punk isn’t non-existent, it’s just hiding in the living rooms and venues of those dedicated enough to support it, like Summertime, a local trio with a unique sound. The above E.P. was actually written […]

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Across the Table with A & Em

From the moment I met Austin & Emily I knew we’d all get along just fine. They arrived to chat about their music with smiles painted on their faces that were present throughout our entire conversation. A & Em formed on a whim and came to life slowly, but the duo is quickly realizing what […]

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Across the Table with Nick Nace

Nick Nace is your favorite cousin that you only get to see a few times a year. Or at least that’s how I felt when we sat down to chat about all things music yesterday. Canadian-born, New York-influenced and Nashville-inspired, Nick is a singer/songwriter with many stories to tell. He started out by telling me […]

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