What’s Your Language?

There is pure chaos laced throughout our country right now. Unfortunately, we’ve been in this position before due to narrow-minded people and the idea that some are greater than others. The concept is nothing new, but the one thing that’s always existed alongside hurt and confusion… is love. For every ignorant comment, there’s one full of […]

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The Movie I Imagine She Lived

When my grandmother passed away, we were going through her things like everyone is expected to do. I’ve lost a lot of family members and this is by far the hardest part. It’s like with everything you get rid of, you’re throwing away a piece of their memory; and with everything you keep, you’re making […]

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The Feeling of “Missing”

As far as I can find, no one’s ever investigated the feeling of “missing” someone or something. Where does it truly come from? I guess this is because everyone experiences it to a different degree for everything. We never really think about it – but the person sitting at the desk behind you right now […]

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Witty – “Like I Do”

“Damn, do we end arm and arm or are we Armageddon Guess you’ll never know ‘cause you never let him Show you how he love and he trusts and he can do But all of it showed, but you never were there” Take a catchy hook, a sampled beat, and a rapper who is more […]

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The Old & The New

Think about our generation verses generations of the past. People used to get married at 18, men shipped off to war, women were home having children and taking care of the house. Milk costs thirty cents, and houses were $12,000. Things were simple. They were refined, and while it was probably a  lot more work […]

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Friday Night Thoughts

Love is an emotion the brain recognizes. Like pain, happiness, or fear. You physically feel the affects of love. How does the brain know to do that? If you scrape your knee once the brain will always associate that feeling you had the first time with it, but with the “symptoms” of love, the brain […]

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To Follow Love

What’s more important? To follow love, or to pursue a dream, or if you can do both simultaneously, wouldn’t you? Would you want that one person to come home to at the end of a long day and curl up on the couch with. You would want that somebody to wipe your tears, or hold […]

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