Late Lunch Listen 9.23.14

It’s rare that a song in today’s industry has the ability to bring a listener to tears. The chills you feel when Jhene Aiko starts out her first verse of “Promises” off of her new album, “Souled Out,” you get chills. The first verse speaks to her daughter; the second to her brother who passed […]

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Mac Wiseman; Recording History

Mac Wiseman is an American Treasure, Bluegrass pioneer, and Country Music Hall of Famer, who is now releasing an album that is transcending in the way of folk music. “Songs From My Mother’s Hand” is very telling for Wiseman, and exactly what the title suggests. While he was growing up, his mother kept several composition books in […]

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Witty – “Like I Do”

“Damn, do we end arm and arm or are we Armageddon Guess you’ll never know ‘cause you never let him Show you how he love and he trusts and he can do But all of it showed, but you never were there” Take a catchy hook, a sampled beat, and a rapper who is more […]

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Lunch Time Listen 6.7.14

Here’s a premise for a song that really has never been touched on before. Magic! has done something really amazing with the construction of this song. You have your classic, catchy, and adorable hook, but the story line is really unique. The young man is asking his girlfriend’s father for permission to marry his daughter and […]

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