Across the Table with Shawn Byrne

Hailing from Portland, CT, Shawn Byrne and I first bonded over our Connecticut roots; his from birth, mine from college. We talked about his life growing up. How his father was a part-time musician and full-time lineman for a local power company. “My dad worked sixty hour weeks and pursued his band on the weekends. It […]

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Music Talk with Pete Kilpatrick

Hailing from Maine, Pete Kilpatrick grew up with a deep-rooted passion for melody. He taught himself acoustic guitar at age 16 and thus began his journey into the wild and wonderful world of music; a journey that includes over 1,400 shows, stage time with Dave Matthews Band and the prestigious “Maine’s Best Act” not once, […]

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Chatting with Chris Watts

Based in Nashville, Chris Watts had his fair share of obstacles that led him to finding a love with music. “Without the darkness, I doubt we’d see the stars,” he’s quoted as saying in his full biography on his website. His latest album released on March 18th is entitled, The God’s Own Truth, and touches on topics […]

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