Kailey Miller Discovers a New Dawn

Nashville, TN singer/songwriter, Kailey Miller took a moment last month to share a little piece of her world with the rest of us. Powerful vocals, underlined by river-like piano melodies make for an emotional journey. Miller’s latest EP, Dawn is a refreshing breath of fresh air in a saturated world of over-produced beats and synthetic vocals. The […]

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Talking with The Roosevelts

The Roosevelts, a duo composed by the talents of Jason Kloess and James Mason, is a positive testament to the ever-growing music scene in Music City, U.S.A.. If you’re wondering how they got their name, Jason says it best: “It was President’s Day. It was our first day in the studio. We had the songs, […]

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Murphy Elmore’s ‘Kings of Friday Night’ EP Review

Hailing from Alabama, singer/songwriter, Murphy Elmore is releasing his anticipated EP, Kings of Friday Night this Friday [June 10, 2016]. Embracing his country roots, this project exhibits Elmore’s passion for playing music, as well as his ability to tell stories with his writing. In just six tracks, any listener will go on a journey of personal testaments; each one […]

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Across the Table with Geena

I can officially say Geena is the only artist I’ve interviewed and gone to yoga with all in one week. Before meeting for the first time ever at Frothy on 8th a few weeks back, Geena and I spoke about her music, which I undeniably vibed out to and were excited to get an interview […]

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