“I Got a Bone to Pick”

Let’s say we’re creating a budget. We have different categories like entertainment, transportation, food and bills. I vaguely remember a time when concerts were in the category of “entertainment.” They were right up there with a nice dinner, a movie or bowling. You set aside a little bit of money each week until you saved […]

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The Feeling of “Missing”

As far as I can find, no one’s ever investigated the feeling of “missing” someone or something. Where does it truly come from? I guess this is because everyone experiences it to a different degree for everything. We never really think about it – but the person sitting at the desk behind you right now […]

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Airport Venting

The airport is really a frustrating place. You wake up early expecting it will take you hours to get through security, but then security takes two minutes (I’m not complaining about that) and your forced to sit in a warn-in chair with a lukewarm coffee for two hours until your flight is ready to board. […]

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A Gender Assignment

This is something I was assigned to complete for participation in my ethics & diversity class that I felt I really needed to share with all of you for some feedback. The first thing asked… Focusing on your own gender, how did you learn what it means to be “a man” or “a woman”?  List […]

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Double Standard

I’m realizing more and more, the older I get and the more I see of the music industry I strive to be a part of, the double standard that it possess. Before I used to think that there was none. My naive self saw all of these women in the industry around me and it […]

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