The Unwind Collection

WARNING: do not use these products on an empty stomach. No they aren’t edible, but they smell so good they’re going to make you want to eat everything in the house. The Unwind Collection was developed by best friends Breanna & Bethany as more of a hobby to escape the regularity of everyday life. Breanna has […]

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Pura Vida Bracelets = Pure Joy

Pura Vida Bracelets is a simple, guilty pleasure we all need in our lives. A straight up shopping spree of their products never results in a guilty conscience the next day, in fact you actually feel pretty great about it since buying their products means giving back. The company provides sustainable jobs to artisans and […]

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Try This! Sewn Designs

Based in Vancouver, Sewn Designs is a handmade brand that puts a unique spin on the classic bralette. Behind conceptualizing the designs and implementing them as the lead creator is Alesia Akehurst. As a self-taught designer, the business started when Alesia made a bralette for herself and a few friends requested ones of their own. Three years later, […]

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